Servant Leadership Training

The Leadership Experience (LXP) runs a cross-cultural Servant Leadership Training (SLT) designed to train and equip emerging servant leaders whose motivation is more than the acquisition of profit, fame, position and power that is often associated with successful leadership.

The Servant Leadership Training (SLT) provides hands-on ministry training through a form of ministry apprenticeship. The heart of the program is experiential learning. The SLT conducts its discipleship program not only through classroom lectures, study of the Scriptures and prayer, but with an emphasis on community service, outreach ministry exposure, mentorship, and the facilitation of a variety of ministry projects.

Throughout the years of our existence, student volunteers have come from a variety of countries, including: Ghana, Lesotho, Malawi, the Netherlands, Senegal, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, the USA, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Threefold Focus of the Leadership Experience’s Leadership Training (Dream.Serve.Experience.)

  1. The Servant Leadership Experience is about a Dream and Innovation.

Dreaming, that will lead to innovating, that will:

  • work to eliminate poverty
  • seek to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS
  • assist the vulnerable
  • disciple servant leaders in the Church in Africa
  • transform communities by living out transformed lives
  1. The Servant Leadership Experience is about Servant Leaders.

Leaders who will:

  • emerge as the next generation of Godly influencers whose significance is defined in Christ
  • face the challenges of this age with wise stewardship and innovation
  • choose simplicity and servanthood over prestige and position
  • embark on a discipleship journey and lead by example
  • live with integrity, Godly values and character truly shaped by the Holy Spirit
  • surrender their lives to the Lord and stand firm against personal compromise
  1. The Servant Leadership Experience is about an Experience.

An experience that will:

  • give practical learning opportunities that reach beyond the classroom and the cognitive
  • help leaders to grow spiritually, in compassion and in servanthood
  • equip leaders with life skills necessary for leading with wisdom and integrity

                                                                   Dream. Serve. Experience.

Discipleship Nature of SLT

The founding principle of SLT is discipleship. Africa’s biggest spiritual dilemma is a lack of Godly leadership. There is a missing link between the profession of faith and the living out of faith in practical, daily life. LXP aims to make a difference there.

LXP’s Leadership Training has three main discipleship emphases: Character Formation, Servanthood, and Life Skills Development.

Character Formation

Students are accompanied on a discipleship journey in which they come to examine their own character development in light of the character of God.Students receive tools for a solid life foundation based on Godly values.Students are helped to establish their identity and security in Christ above all else.


Students are placed in a variety of ministry settings that broaden their vision of why and how they can serve others. The elements of compassion and mercy are highly emphasized, giving practical opportunities to develop sensitivity toward people in physical and material need. Students are challenged to get involved in their communities and to make a difference in society—examining what it means to serve out of poverty when personal resources are scarce.

Life Skills Development

Organizational and logistical skills are developed as each student’s leadership potential is given opportunity to blossom. Students are equipped to take initiative in response to the demands of an ever changing society. They are challenged to live with integrity and to be careful stewards of the resources entrusted to them. Guidance is given on conflict management, effective communication and group dynamics.

SLT trains leaders in an environment of passionate spirituality. Our aim is that each student will learn not only learn how to manage themselves and take personal responsibility for their spiritual lives, but that they will also learn how to walk with others as authentic disciplers, mastering the joy of leading through servanthood. Developing dreams and callings is important at SLT, so we journey with the students on a path to discover and pursue their dreams and calling in Christ.

Program Layout


Phase 1: Orientation and foundation building [8 weeks]

Our orientation program takes the first three weeks. This is the time where all both student and program expectations get to be clarified and bonding between the students is facilitated before the foundation sessions commences. The next four weeks forms the foundation sessions during which all the students are brought at the same departure point. This is a crucial part of the program.


Phase 2: Ministry exposure and focus [1 week]

During Ministry exposure week students get to be introduced to the different ministries at LXP and at the end of the week they get to choose in which ministry they will serve for the rest of the duration for the program. The ministry programs forms the afternoon programs of the LXP

Phase 3: Ministry journal and internships [26 weeks]

This makes the biggest time slot at LXP. Students get to intern and journal their experiences weekly for the rest of the program duration. This covers about 26 weeks of the time at LXP. Included in this time are special programs such as 6 weeks of student projects, 3 weeks of Beat the Drum projects and 3 weeks of hosting outreach teams

Phase 4: Ministry debrief and closure facilitation [2 weeks]

This is the last two weeks of the program. The students are prepared for re-entry into their countries and home situation.

Lifestyle and Values

LXP seeks and promotes a godly lifestyle for both staff and student volunteers. We embrace four key lifestyle values:

Community Living

LXP embraces community living lifestyle. Student volunteers share bedroom space, living rooms, kitchen and bathrooms. Daily tasks and activities are also shared. Personal characteristics of patience, considering others above self, love, and mutual respects are crucial to community living lifestyle. Community living will challenge individualistic lifestyle tendencies but promotes character development. Community living lifestyle as a value is highly encouraged at LXP.


The heart of LXP is Servanthood. Those called to lead are called to serve others making servanthood leadership itself, because the essence of leadership is to serve. Besides serving is the key that opens a door to others’ hearts; those we serve we disciple, those we serve we influence, those we serve we earn the right to speak into their lives, making servanthood a prerequisite to discipling others. At LXP you will live a lifestyle of serving. As you may know “charity begins at home,” you will be expected to serve one another in the house. And continue a life of service to outsiders and at ministry points. You will lead through service and not power or position.


Simplicity is the way of life at the leadership Experience. This is a life of sharing and giving. We share living space, bedroom space and time with each other, seeking the wisdom of God rather than the love of the world. Understanding that God is the provider, we seek to cultivate a life of godliness with contentment. In simplicity we strip off ourselves the needless fears, anxieties and worries of the day. With gladness and singleness of heart we seek to know God just as we are fully known by God.


LXP is always in a cross-cultural setting; people of different language, tribe, culture and nation live and serve together in unity before God. This requires self-death and as such, it serves as a discipleship tool because unity in diversity will always have to be earned. We desire to live a life worthy of the calling we have received; to be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love; making every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. Our God is a God of diversity. Our God is One; God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

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