LXP Compassion

Vulnerable Family Support: Right here in our beautiful town of Jeffreys Bay, there are many vulnerable families who, with just a little material help and life skills support can find hope to realize their potential and become contributing citizens to the betterment of our communities. Each year The Leadership Experience (LXP) assists our adopted families in the communities of Jeffreys Bay and the surrounding towns to find hope and rise above their circumstances. The services that we provide to vulnerable families include:

  1. Material Provision
    1. Food parcels
    2. Clothing
    3. School supplies
  2. Skills Training
    1. Empowering life skills such us budgeting, parenting, farming God’s way (grow backyard food gardens), etc.
    2. Basic entrepreneurship skills and income generation initiatives such as bead-work, tailoring, hair-styling, etc.
  3. Health and Education
    1. Teachings on personal hygiene
    2. Teachings on food and nutrition
    3. Marriage preparation and support workshops
    4. Counselling for families in crisis
  1. Encouraging/facilitating further education such as night school for children & adults who failed to complete high school

Our families typically come to us through the department of social welfare and through our own home visits. Our role is to facilitate change in their circumstances by lifting their sense self-worth and dignity. We seek to inspire and empower them to raise their standards of living and dream toward a better future.