Hope Arising

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Hope Arising In the midst of the dust, there is hope arising as we learn to adjust and cope with the new norm. Covid had its day  but now we fight back to reclaim our lives again and built from where we left off with an even better and brighter perspective. God makes beauty from ashes.

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For the last 2 weeks we had LXP 2015 orientation. Pastor George gives us often the example of toothpaste. You will see what is on the inside when you squeeze it. Before God can work in our lives, we need to get a revelation of what is on the inside. When we are challenged and squeezed, the things that are deeply hidden in us will come out. Selfishness, Pride, Lies and many other things. In these first two weeks LXP's program is designed in so called "Expect the Unexpected", where there will be many unexpected challenging activities. We had a camp…

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Check out Lesotho’s latest update

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Return to Ha Makopela: Fanning the Glowing Embers  Our return outreach to Ha Makopela was truly an adventure that required faith, perseverance, selflessness and courage! However, with the majority of the team being seasoned veterans and the first-timers rising to the occasion, it was a rich, successful, and immensely enjoyable time. We left early on Monday morning the 8th of December and enjoyed the three-hour drive through the stunning Maloti Mountains. The weather was much better than our previous trip, and we were able to enjoy the incredible views and warm temperatures.Upon arrival in Ha Makopela just before noon, we were…

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God & Africa

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This week at LXP we had our very own,  Mr Bruce Chitambala teaching on “God’s plan for Africa”. One of the most crucial and timely lessons to defuse  the lie that the black race is cursed. A lot of Africans have bought into this lie, whether Christian or not. In John 8:32 Jesus says “you shall know the truth and the truth will set you free”. The opposite is also true; you shall know the lie, and it will keep you bondage. God has a plan for the whole human race, and it included Africans from the beginning.

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Personal Sexuality

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For the past two weeks the students have been going through a time of deep reflection on their past lives by sharing their life stories from childhood to now. This week’s topic is personal sexuality. This is one of the most crucial topics and is a life changer. Lets join in prayer for the leaders for wisdom as they are walking alongside the students to process what they have learned. And for the students that they will receive healing and restoration..

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School Outreach

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19th of August-  30 of August. For 2 weeks the students have been on the road with UCSA on school outreach. Divided in 3 teams they targeted the eastern cape around Alliwal, Port Elizabeth, and around Grahamstown. In different High schools the LXP students went around classes, did drama’s during assembly and even led a church service to encourage the students. This was a good practical experience for the LXP students and they had a great time spreading the love of God.

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Lesotho Outreach

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From 29th July until the 11th of August The Leadership Experience ( LXP) and LXP Lesotho joined hands and partnered with an organization called Poetice International to organise and execute an outreach called Beat the Drum! Beat the Drum is an HIV/AIDS faith-based Abstinence program, aimed at kids and youth, to encourage them to embrace good values that will help them live a pure Godly lifestyle and abstain from sex until they get married. The outreach targetted young people in high schools and the Lord opened doors for us in two major high schools in Butha – Buthe, St. Pauls…

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Celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness with us…

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As I start this update I thank God for each of you and for your obedience to His will in your lives. Because of your faithfulness and because of the Lord’s presence with us, there is so much we have to be thankful for right now. In one of our last updates (posted on our website at www.thelxp.org/lxp/lxp-2011-just-about-to-start), we mentioned our need for the financial support of six of our incoming 2011 students. Please join us in thanking the Lord God of Heaven and earth for the positive feedback we have already received. By the grace of God, one couple…

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Final week… join us in prayer for final week challenges!

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We have begun the final week before the students of LXP 2011 arrive, and already we have received calls and text messages from most of our international students requesting prayer intervention for the process of obtaining the necessary entry visas that will enable their stay in South Africa. The journey of making your way to a training program in another country is not at all for the faint-hearted; for most of the students the test of true leadership begins just with their preparations to come to South Africa. There are so many financial and logistical challenges to surmount right within their…

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Christmas Greetings

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Dear Friends and Family of LXP, As we come to the end of 2011 and everything at LXP and around our lives has slowed down, I’m compelled to reflect over the year. I cannot help but see the greatness and goodness of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ in His grace and sustenance for the ministry of LXP and our lives at large. He wonderfully carried us this year. In view of this, I would like to take this time to first of all thank Him, our great God and Savior Jesus Christ for His unfailing faithfulness towards us in…

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