For the last 2 weeks we had LXP 2015 orientation. Pastor George gives us often the example of toothpaste. You will see what is on the inside when you squeeze it. Before God can work in our lives, we need to get a revelation of what is on the inside. 

When we are challenged and squeezed, the things that are deeply hidden in us will come out. Selfishness, Pride, Lies and many other things. In these first two weeks LXP’s program is designed in so called “Expect the Unexpected”, where there will be many unexpected challenging activities. We had a camp full of team building activities, which was very rainy this year, but the weather didn’t stop the students from anything. 

We had the students on a treasure hunt through Jeffrey’s Bay where they did different activities to earn their food and to get to the next clues, they had to carry a person through the day and burry a teammate in the sand. Last Friday we had the most feared challenge, which is the hike that is over 50 KM. The students walked from 4 AM until 7.30 PM.

 Today we are debriefing the orientation. The students are challenged! Some embrace it and are ready for the year, some are very challenged and have learned things about themselves that they never knew where there. We are excited to see what the Lord is doing and ready to start the teachings, which will be ” Personal Sexuality” this year. Check out our facebook & Twitter to see more of what we are up to!

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