Lesotho Outreach

From 29th July until the 11th of August The Leadership Experience ( LXP) and LXP Lesotho joined hands and partnered with an organization called Poetice International to organise and execute an outreach called Beat the Drum! Beat the Drum is an HIV/AIDS faith-based Abstinence program, aimed at kids and youth, to encourage them to embrace good values that will help them live a pure Godly lifestyle and abstain from sex until they get married. The outreach targetted young people in high schools and the Lord opened doors for us in two major high schools in Butha – Buthe, St. Pauls & St. Phillips.

We were blessed to have 10 volunteers from Holland, Michigan who faithfully served alongside us for the whole two weeks that we stayed in Butha Buthe, in addition to these we also were blessed to have local volunteers from Lesotho who gave their time to make our stay and work more efficient and broke down the walls of language.

The first week was intense training and preparation as we went through the manual ( Beat the Drum) and had intercession as we trusted the Lord to use us mightily, and show us what HIS heart was for the outreach. HE kept speaking to us through Isaiah 61: 1 – 3

God is ever faithful and answered us way beyond our wildest imagination! We experienced breakthrough in the schools and favor with the teachers and head teachers. We had a great, blessed time!

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