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Leadership Training Programs

Leadership Training

Our Servant Leadership Training (SLT) emphasizes character formation and servanthood. We are committed to raising a generation of genuine servant leaders who can dream, initiate, and participate in a fresh wave of community transformation with a genuine heart of compassion for people and with a motivation greater than the acquisition of profit, fame, position, or power.

Servant Leadership Training (SLT)

LXP’s Servant Leadership Training (SLT) is a deep, relational and reflective 9-month training for young adults. The heart of the program is experiential learning and holistic discipleship. The SLT conducts its coaching and mentorship program not only in the classroom, but through various projects and ministries emphasizing practical service experience.

Servant Leadership Training (SLT)
For Young Adults

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Executive Leadership Training (ELT)

Our highly selective 10-day Leadership Retreat targets leaders in first-level or middle management positions across Africa who have the potential to catalyze positive change on the continent. The program caters for those in the corporate world, nonprofit sector and full-time church ministry who are interested in stepping out of their comfort zone to engage in an experiential servant leadership retreat in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa

Executive Leadership Training (ELT) Executive Empowerment Program

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Junior Leaders (JrL)

Join the club of young movers and shakers. Get in-depth, experience-based servant leadership mentoring that will lay a solid foundation for your life. Broaden your perspective and begin to engage the challenges of our times right here in our region. The future belongs to young people who are committed to thinking differently, breaking boundaries, and leading with integrity and discipline. Be equipped to serve with excellence. Develop great expectations and become a proud participant in initiating positive change with other young people in the Kouga region, beginning right at your own school.

Junior Leaders - High School Clubs

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Leadership training

The Leadership Experience offers three Leadership programs under The LXP Compassion Ministry.