What we do

The Threefold Focus of the Leadership Experience (LXP) is about:

1.Shaping servant leaders.

2.Equipping servant leaders to dream and innovate.

3.Providing opportunities to experience servant leadership through practical, hands-on ministry.

The Leadership Experience is led by a team of international staff members who help facilitate the training at various levels. Additional teachers in a variety of leadership roles from other ministries and workplaces visit the program and offer their expertise in classroom lessons. LXP is conducted in the beautiful coastal town of Jeffreys Bay(JBay), in South Africa‚Äôs Eastern Cape Province. JBay has an international flavour and is known as one of the surfing hotspots of the world. 

A particularly unique aspect of this little town is the variety of other student ministries which are hosted here. JBay is truly a place to meet and grow with other young adults from around the world who are seeking to serve God and people in a meaningful way.Jeffreys Bay is a town of great contrast economically, with the very wealthy and the very poor living in close proximity to one another. Our ministry projects take place primarily in the underprivileged communities situated close to the LXP base. Most academic lessons take place at the LXP base.