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Community service projects

Community Service Projects

The various LXP community service projects have been instrumental for community development and the upliftment of individual lives in our community. The community projects serve a two-fold purpose at The Leadership Experience. First, they help us meet our goal to serve and uplift our communities. At the same time, they provide opportunities for SLT students to be discipled experientially on how to serve and love people.

Community Youth Discipleship

Let God transform your life through our youth discipleship and life skills development program aimed at the young people of Tokyo Sexwale and the surrounding local townships. Built around servant leadership concepts in an environment of honor and discipline, DoGs seeks to empower young people to lead through service, break the entitlement mentality and think beyond cultural boundaries in order to become true disciples of Jesus and powerful community change agents.

Community Youth Discipleship
(Disciples of God)

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Kids Care Point

Children are the future of any society. Our Compassion Ministry’s Kids Care Point (KCP) provides nutritional support and discipleship for vulnerable children aged 7-13. With our daily provision of a meal and academic, emotional and spiritual support, we aim to give the children in our care a solid foundation. You can join this effort by giving financially and/or by volunteering your time!

Kids Care Point
Kids Feeding and Discipleship Program

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Family Support

LXP’s Compassion Ministry Family Support program primarily exists to support the families of the children at our Kids Care Point. With just some basic necessities and life skills support, a family can focus on their potential and their children can more easily realize their dreams. We keep our families up to date with the progress of their children during their time with us and help the families to create a further positive impact at home. Do you have a passion for family outreach and care? You can partner with this ministry by giving financially and/or by volunteering your time!

Family Support

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Community Service

The Leadership Experience offers three community service projects under LXP Compassion Ministry.