Celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness with us…

As I start this update I thank God for each of you and for your obedience to His will in your lives. Because of your faithfulness and because of the Lord’s presence with us, there is so much we have to be thankful for right now. In one of our last updates (posted on our website at www.thelxp.org/lxp/lxp-2011-just-about-to-start), we mentioned our need for the financial support of six of our incoming 2011 students. Please join us in thanking the Lord God of Heaven and earth for the positive feedback we have already received. By the grace of God, one couple has already come forward to commit to the complete sponsorship of one student. For this we are truly thankful! May our Lord Jesus Christ remember your goodness as you support the growth and future leadership of His children!

There are still five students who need financial support for LXP 2011. And so I appeal to you once again as the Body of Christ. Each of these five students needs 1500 South African Rand (USD$250) per month or 9000 South African Rand (USD$1500) for the entire program. The total amount for all five students comes to 45000 South African Rand (USD$7500).

Any contribution toward these students will go a long way in covering their expenses. No donation is too small. Will you prayerfully consider financially supporting one of these for the entire program, or even make a contribution toward a portion of their fees? Your support will cover tuition fees, lodging, food and other program related expenses.

On another note, we are very excited to report that our 2 students from Swaziland, 6 from right here in South Africa and 1 from Zimbabwe have already arrived at the LXP base! Many thanks for your prayers – I’m delighted to say the 3 Zambians got their visas and they are due to join us by the weekend. As we shared in our last website post (www.thelxp.org/lxp/by-the-grace-we-are-in-the-final-week-please-join-us-in-prayer-for-final-week-request), it is quite a challenging process for our international students to even obtain the necessary travel documents just to get to South Africa. So the Zambian visas are truly something to thank the Lord for! At the same time, they were only granted their visas on Thursday, and with other complications also holding back the students from Ghana and Tanzania, we’ve pushed back our 2011 launch from this past Wednesday to this coming Monday (6 June). We are yet to hear the final word on the visa situation for the Ghanaian, and it is with regret that I inform you that our 2 Nigerian brothers, 1 Ghanaian brother, and most likely 1 Zimbabwean sister have faced complications that have made it impossible for them to attend the program this year.

Thank you for sharing in this journey with us! We are so grateful and pray the Lord’s blessings in each of your lives.

George and the LXP team

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