LXP has a ministry that reaches out to youth through soccer called Soccer4Life.
The heart of the sports ministry is to disciple youngsters through soccer, it provides a playing field  for  youth to experience a committed life through soccer and discover an identity in Christ.
Our aim is to use soccer as a tool to keep the youth off the streets and equip them with life skills as an avenue for discipleship and mentorship.
Our Mission is to create an environment that will encourage them to explore and develop their God given talents and giftings. We want to raise young people that will become role models in their communities as servant leaders who will take initiative in community transformation.
We use different methods to achieve our goal, these being bible studies, & life skills coaching through a program called Ubabalo, empowerment camps, tournaments, community transformation programs, educational seminars and team building activities.

Philia girls  soccer4Life   Philia

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