LXP was born under Mission Expeditions (MXP), a division of The Uniting Christian Student Association (UCSA), and the program continues to value close partnership with MXP. As LXP has grown, however, there have been other interest groups such as churches and community initiatives that have come to believe in the program.

Other organizations we enjoy partnership with include:
Global CScreen Shot 2015-03-24 at 11.25.53 AMhallenge; an organization that gives opportunities for young
adults to explore outreach and missions in a variety of contexts throughout the world


 GKCommHeader02-300x125  Grace Klein Community; based in Birmingham, Alabama. Grace Klein Community is a  501(c)3 non-profit. They long to change the world by teaching people how to truly share with one another. GK Community longs to be much more than just a charity that
gives stuff. They build relationships that mean something and that can encourage and spur people on to be better. Their mission is
simply to show people that they are loved and to spread the idea that everyone has something to give.

 Poetice; whose mpoetice-logoission is to engage, equip and empower leaders
to create sustainable, grassroots-driven, community development programs.


 All Nations (AAll nationsN); based in Cape Town, particularly with AN’s Church Planting Experience (CPx)–where students desiring
further ministry training are able to be trained in the concept of “simple church” as they learn to plant house churches in the framework of daily life and community

US4Africa; a non-pus4africa-logo-20132rofit umbrella organization that has been
formed in the United States to support the sustainability of LXP.



Ithemba Family Church based in Jeffreys Bay’s Tokyo Sexwale community,
including partnership with Ithemba’s
Hands and Feet community transformation program


                                       Elijah Missions International Zambia (EMIZ)

Partnering with other ministries allows the LXP student volunteers to serve in a variety of different ministry areas, especially with underprivileged communities. It also enables the students to grow in working alongside people of other cultures, while everyone involved receives a greater understanding of working to build the Kingdom (rather than working to build an individual organization’s “empire”).

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