LXP Needs

Note: Thank you for your willingness to support us this Christmas. Our pressing needs are listed below. Feel free to Contact us on how you might love to assist further or if you have any questions on how to give. You can either contribute an actual gift or donate the money equivalent. Click here for instructions on how to give financially. Any monetary gifts given in the USA will be tax deductible. We are so grateful for your investment in servant leadership development!

Media Equipment
External hard drive Office data storage Acquired
HD Video Hand-Cam Media purposes Acquired
Video editing Software (Magic Edit Pro ) Media purposes Acquired
Electronic Musical Keyboard Worship Instrument R2000 / $230
Sound System (Mixer and Speakers) Worship Purposes R4000 / $ 470
Vehicles (Mini-Buses/ Toyota Quantum) (2) Transportation R250,000 / $ 29,800
Plain Paper Office stationary R200 / $24
Ink Printing R1000 / $120
Flip-charts paper Teaching aid R200 / $24
White board markers Teaching aid R200 / $24
Permanent Markers Teaching aid R200 / $24
Administration + Office equipment
Paper Cutter Office work R500 / $60
Data Projector Teaching aid R3000 / $350
Students, Housing and Items
Water Urn Kitchen Purposes R500 / $60
Microwave oven Kitchen Purposes R900 / $100
Kitchen ware (Pots and pans) Kitchen Purposes R1500 / $ 179
Garden tools (Lawn mower) Base maintenance R2500 / $298
Financial Support
Rent for LXP base Monthly rent R5000 / $600 p/m
Student Scholarships Sponsor a student R2500 / $298 p/m
Staff Stipend Support Support a staff R1000 / $119 p/m


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