The Compassion ministry is a two fold ministry, it was birthed in 2012.

Hands of Angels Network

Our families typically come from the department of social welfare & by us identifying them during home visits. The social workers identify families who are in need of assistance. Our role is to change their situations by re-instilling their self worth and dignity and empowering/encouraging them to raise their standards of living.

Cradle of Love (Teen moms project)

The dream of cradle of love teen moms project is to work with teen mothers who lack sufficient emotional, material, & physical support from their families. This project aims to raise a higher standard of dreaming and hope for the girls way beyond their current circumstances. The bigger dream for the project is to have a safe home where girls at risk can get relief.
To be vessels of hope and love to the broken and vulnerable people in Jeffrey’s Bay – who are in need  of extra spiritual, physical and emotional strength and support.

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