Transforming Communities through Music and Literacy. 

Beats and Books exists to promote education through integration of music and literacy targeting vulnerable children and young people across Africa.

Beats and Books started off as a children’s ministry reaching out to poor communities of Jeffreys Bay in 2011. We have changed our name from Taletha Koum which was an Aramaic derivative for “young one I say to you arise” taken from Mark 5:41
Our ministry gets a lot of human resource from the LXP Program that allocates us students each year as apprentices under our Music Program. As part of their experiential learning, these students spend time with the children in the community who sign up for the Music Academy. The Music Academy reaches out to musically gifted children teaching them vocals and various musical instruments.
The core ministry at Beats and Books is leading children towards Jesus and for the leaders to live by example. We achieve this through discipleship and mentorship.
We are big advocates of education. We believe that an uneducated child is deprived of opportunities to excel beyond their imagination. Truth is compromised when one has no direct access to the Word of God. Beats and Books ventures into advocating for poor children’s educational needs. Our initiatives solicit supportive mechanisms to address the financial gap of children who come from underprivileged households.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster community transformation by equipping young people across Africa using music and other creative modes of teaching literacy.

Our Vision

We envision zero illiteracy in Sub-Saharan Africa with young people taking the gospel beyond their borders.

Our Goal

We aim to engage, equip and transform children and young people’s lives by addressing their educational needs through promotion and integration of music and literacy.

Visit our website for more information – www.beatsandbooks.org



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